my best experience with using my subconscious mind

Hi Friends,

My pen name is Aparajitha .I’m going to discuss with you how I’ve achieved my goal.I did my engineering like all my classmates. I was very much passionate about my career in IT field.But unfortunately my personal responsibilities towards my family  did not allow me to concentrate on my career.However I’ve started believing that I could come up with the best job in future.I followed my heart and worked here and there for few years.whenever my parents or relatives say “compromise”,I used to smile , of course I used to mourn deeply.I’m very confident and I used to instruct my mind at the time of sleeping that I’ve got a very good job. I’ve been programming my subconscious mind for the last 8 years and I’ve got the right job with right remuneration .Now,my parents and relatives believe in me and they stopped advising others to compromise.Friends, why should we compromise?  When there is our subordinate, our subconscious mind.

One of the best way to use our subconscious mind to the fullest is to meditate for few minutes a day.You can choose the best time i.e. at that time no one disturbs you,may be very early in the morning and late in the evening.It is better if you can concentrate for 5 minutes a day for one week,later on you can increase your meditation time.Close your eyes ,take   few deep breaths.Be with your breath and let go off all your thoughts.That’s is the simplest meditation which any one can do.This increases your meditation and the power to use your subconscious mind.

Whatever you think as soon as you wake up and before going to sleep will be saved in you subconscious mind.So don’t get up from the bed as soon as you wake up,just think of your dreams ,believe in them ,have  faith that The Supreme Being is going to bless you and do the same when you go to bed.If you want more information about using your subconscious mind please read the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind [Dr. Joseph Murphy ].


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